Face Signature Video Analysis Technology

Face Signature Video analysis technology is the scientific examination, comparison and evaluation of video footage, identity of one or multiple persons present in a video, based on their facial characteristics.

Face Signature AI powered video-based face recognition technology combines the temporal characteristics of facial motion with appearance changes for recognition.

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Behavior Detection and Analysis

Face Signature Behavior Detection technology works by determining a person’s face from video and can identify instances of particular actions, emotions like fear, sadness, happiness, anger, disgust and surprise with age and gender.

Face Signature can detect when people have fallen or crouched down, and use for security to detect people jumping over or passing items across barriers and detecting the act of passing something to another person. Face Signature identifies specific face behavior captured by surveillance camera video and calculates feature values for the distances between points on two people standing on opposite sides of a place.


Facial Expression Analysis

Face Signature analyzing the motion of facial features and changes in the appearance of facial features and classifying this information into some facial-expression-interpretative categories such as facial muscle activations like smile or frown, emotion (affect) categories like happiness or anger, attitude categories like (dis) liking or ambivalence, tracked movements of facial characteristic points, tracked changes in contours of facial components and extracted appearance features are translated into a description of the displayed facial expression.


Detect abandoned objects by Behavior Detection Technology.

The increasing need in the security sector, especially in public area, we are providing a solution in the form of a Behavior Detection Technology that can detect suspicious objects through Face Signature surveillance technology Face Signature Behavior Detection Technology provides faster and secure way to detect any suspicious object in place thrown both inside and outside the fence lines, prevent unauthorized access and tailgating for both, people and vehicles and detect any suspicious or abandoned objects left in the visitation or main lobby areas, railway stations, airport, shopping centers, or other public places and detect illegal parking with plate recognition. We aim to ensure safety facilities by preventing overcrowding. In event to discovery of a suspicious object can result in part of public places being shut down if its owner cannot be found, to prevent this; Face Signature has developed a solution that combines behavior detection technology for detecting unattended items. Identify obstruction to detect an abandoned object in crowded areas and monitor if an object was missing and tracking people’s movements to help track down the person who left them there. For example, if a person left behind a suitcase in a train station or an airport terminal, Face Signature could look up a list of persons associated with it by analyzing previous video recordings to utilizing the external characteristics of items in image analysis.


Carrying suspicious items and Dangerous Objects

To make public feel safe, Face Signature intends to contribute to creating a safe and secure society by developing an advance AI technology that expanding the scope of Behavior Analysis Technology to cover all corners of society.

Face Signature facial recognition technology is a necessary tool and a part of daily surveillance for law enforcement agencies to automatically identify suspicious behavior and detect dangerous object to prevent the most heinous crimes and provide the vital link between a crime and a suspect. Our advance AI Technology can identify dangerous object carried by person with real-time alerts and detect suspicious behaviors characteristics and attempt to locate, move or disarm any suspicious items in public or crowd gathering. Immediate alert could be triggered to nearest officer with the location within a second.

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Following Characteristics of Suspicious Behavior can be Recognized with Face Signature AI Technology

  • Carrying property at an unusual hour or location, especially if they are attempting to hide the item.
  • Using binoculars or other devices to peer into apartment and home windows.
  • Entering restricted areas when not authorized or following immediately behind others into card-access areas while the door is open.
  • Claiming to represent a utility company, but not wearing a uniform, don’t produce identification upon request or does not have a company logo vehicle.
  • Dressing inappropriately for the weather or occasion (having a coat on when the temperature is warm, etc.)
  • Leaving packages, bags or other items behind
  • Exhibiting unusual mental or physical symptoms or abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Confrontational, angry, unpredictable or agitated behavior.
  • Reckless, antisocial or violent behavior, including towards people or animals.
  • Behavior making direct or indirect threats about harming or killing one’s self or others.
  • Deducting Unusual noises like screaming, yelling, gunshots or glass or door breaking even if voice recording option not available in surveillance cameras.
  • Any form of vandalism, such as spray painting a sign or building; graffiti; removing benches or signs; pulling up or removing plants and shrubbery
  • A tense situation that’s about to blow up (fighting, threatening, verbally abusive behavior)
  • Any emergency, such as an accident, a fire, a critically ill or injured person
  • A person staggering about, appearing intoxicated, disoriented, or in need of medical attention

In regards to suspicious vehicles activity, and personnel activity Face Signature can identify and aware the following:

  • Someone looking into building windows or windows of parked vehicles, or trying to open them
  • Sitting in a vehicle for extended periods of time or conducting transactions from a vehicle
  • Driving a vehicle slowly and aimlessly around house or building
  • Anyone being forced to get in to a vehicle
  • Someone running from a vehicle, building or area while carrying property, computers, furniture or luggage
  • Any abandoned or suspicious vehicles in society
  • Someone hanging around bike racks or car park
  • People in buildings or grounds that do not appear to be conducting legitimate business.
  • Unauthorized personnel in restricted, sensitive, or private areas, unauthorized photography.
  • Unexpected or unfamiliar delivery trucks.
  • Vehicles arriving and being left behind at odd hours.
  • Unauthorized individuals near or tampering with ventilation equipment.

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Analyze Your Market

With the people analytics feature you can detect the number of people who visit/enters a specific store or a location with their age and gender to give you essential information in an accessible manner on whether the space performs to its full potential. Successful management requires a reliable tool to measure success in attracting visitors.
  • Count people and evaluate their age and gender.
  • Display the result on the screen with statistical graph.
  • Analyze demographics in specific locations
  • The statistical data can be exported anytime in date rage for analytical use.
  • Prioritized particular demographic groups
  • Identify which person or demographic groups visit or view specific areas
  • Analysis of long and short term trends in consumer behavior.
  • Count the time peak of each individual person
  • Analyze product success with the number of visitor compared to the number of products sold.
  • Determine customer base point to change advertising materials and signage media content that leads to attracting more visitors
  • Plan your marketing and advertising campaigns according to your visitor's gender and age groups to target the right segment.


Know your visitors

Know your coming visitors gender, age and emotions. Track your returning users immediately and their past behavior to know what they are interested in as soon as they step in.

Video archives and analytics

Analyze your event statistics by collecting real-time traffic flow information, visitor’s behavior, attendance, sales, brand engagement, and more. Set bookmarks and re-watch the fragments anytime.

Loss prevention

Shoplifting is a notable problem for retailers. With Face Signature you can help retailers identify subjects of interest when they are coming into stores and if anything suspiciously goes missing or out of place.

Special Guest

Receive notification when Face Signature instantly identify VIPs and special visitors face to give them the attention they expect and deserve.

Secure form COVID

Face Signature instantly alert the concerned department when a person is not vaccinated and keep track of their visits and people interaction

Customer loyalty

Point your customer in the right direction, or make suggestions based on their history. More efficient and personalized experiences foster comebacks & repeat purchases.