Face Detection

Face Detection is the basic process where a computer system scans an image or an area within its video frame and detects the faces present in view. Face Signature can detect and identify unlimited faces in a frame with any common video surveillance technology and provides high-precision face bounding box and stores metadata of each detected faces which can by use anytime in future.

Identity Alert

Instantly identity specific faces and wanted criminals which are registered in the facial recognition security/surveillance system from data recorded in the past and can be registered in advance anytime to prevent frauds and shoplifting. When such face is detected it will immediately alert the nearest security officers with the intruder information, location and face and also raise an alarm if required. Alarms can notify the operator by displaying pop-ups on the screen, emitting warning sounds, or flashing the camera on the map, etc.

Facial recognition authorization technology

Biometric face recognition system to give access to only authorized individuals for various scenarios and permission-based level entry for every employee.

Face search and profile history

Face Signature automatically collects data of detected faces and store them in easily accessible database in a highly organize manner which allow users to easily search for matching faces within the large database and results in a ‘candidate’ list of the most likely matches to get their information of life-time history related to the resultant anytime they want. With this data, a user can track the resultant person's movements in chronological order throughout all of the cameras in the system.

- Automatically store the detected face in the database which can be easily searched later.
- Highly efficient search algorithm can display the result of each camera in chronological order with location and time to find movement of the person.
- Search a face in specific date and time when the person was detected in the camera or at any specific location and easily organize the result in the list in similarity order.

For example, face detected of suspicious people detected on the floor can be searched to track their timeline information, at what time they entered the store and which floors they passed and when and whether the suspicious people have shoplifted, etc.

Detecting and Tracking Movements

Highly efficient AI algorithm can display the result of the person of interest in chronological order with location to find movement of the person in specific date and time when the person was detected in the camera, or at any specific location and easily organize the result in the list in similarity order.

Face Signature trace their route and spot possible accomplices in a split second and identify them in various places in real-time. The algorithm provides high accuracy levels even under varying light conditions faces that are partially hidden by sunglasses or face masks, beard, mustache, glasses, or any other face concealing item with their emotions.

Staff Time Tracking and Attendance

Keep track of employee attendance and how much time they are spending on work or in other wasting activities, it can be tricky as many hours goes unpaid overtime every week. With the help of Face Signature and it's highly accurate reporting capabilities, people can use their face to check-in and out of their office and their check-in time and out time is recorded which makes payroll more accurate.

People Analytics

With the people analytics feature you can detect the number of people who visit/enters a specific store or a location with their age and gender to give you an essential information in an accessible manner on whether the space performs to its full potential. Successful management requires a reliable tool to measure success in attracting visitors.

Analyze Face Expressions / Emotion Recognition

Face Signature analyzing the motion of facial features and changes in the appearance of facial features and classifying this information into some facial-expression-interpretative categories such as facial muscle activations like smile or frown, emotion (affect) categories like happiness or anger, attitude categories like (dis) liking or ambivalence, tracked movements of facial characteristic points, tracked changes in contours of facial components and extracted appearance features are translated into a description of the displayed facial expression.

Vehicles Surveillance and Identification

Automatic detection of pedestrian or vehicle tracking on the roads, accurate vehicle Speed detection, detect and identify Vehicles that cross the line at the traffic lights when the light is red, overtake, opposite direction cars driving, wrong vehicle on the road, traffic jam management and classification of tracked vehicle's color estimation, brand name and model, help to prevent incident and alerts on Intrusion of bikes/humans on the road, detect accidents, fallen debris, wrong directions, improper lane changes, and recognized license plate number, an image of the vehicle, a still frame containing the license plate, date/time stamp, location and address, etc. Our license plate identification technology detect according to several categories like wanted, stolen and expired etc with identify personnel.

Suspicous Objects Detection

Behavior Detection Technology provides faster and secure way to detect any suspicious object in place thrown both inside and outside the fence lines, prevent unauthorized access and tailgating for both, people and vehicles and detect any suspicious or abandoned objects left in the visitation or main lobby areas, railway stations, airport, shopping centers, or other public places.

Dangerous Objects Detection

Face Signature facial recognition technology is a necessary tool and a part of daily surveillance for law enforcement agencies to automatically identify suspicious behavior and detect dangerous object to prevent the most heinous crimes and provide the vital link between a crime and a suspect. Our advance AI Technology can identify dangerous object carried by person with real-time alerts and detect suspicious behaviors characteristics and attempt to locate, move or disarm any suspicious items in public or crowd gathering. Immediate alert could be triggered to nearest officer with the location within a second.

Unregistered Face Detection:

Real-time detection of people who are NOT registered.
Face Signature detects every face in the scene and use facial recognition to find a match with the existing database of millions of peoples all in only a matter of few seconds and can also notify or alert the concern users when an unregistered face is detected in the area.