Fast and Smart Investigation with Face Signature

Face Signature convey a wealth of information about an individual. It can be used to identify, for example, known suspects who are the subject of a police investigation, this require fast and efficient tools. While public cameras have been used in investigations for years, it can be prohibitively time-consuming to manually search through video feeds to find evidence. Fuelled by a large database of labeled data can enable police to pinpoint a person of interest across a city of networked cameras and also to analyze the information within the tight time frame available to solve a case.

Efficient & Effective Investigation Platform

Face Signature provides an efficient and effective platform for investigation operations that enable you to control the speed and manage flow and direction of investigations. It ensures investigator accountability and exhibit continuity in a complete effective platform to coordinate and control disclosure of case documentation.

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Capture Evidence Records

Face signature evidence solution streamlines the evidence collection process and provides you the big picture to make evidenced-based decisions based on records and risk assessments. Connecting to and collapsing available data into one interface. It provides a one-stop platform for gathered evidence – the investigator doesn't have to log on to different systems or travel to locations to manually collect evidence.

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Detect Suspicious Behavior

Detect suspicious behaviors with real-time alerts of fight detection, running and crowd gathering. Once the threshold for a “geo-fenced” area is reached, an alert could be triggered to an officer with the location, who would check and determine if a cleaning crew had to be dispatched. It can be accompanied with both video and voice recognition system.

Identify obstruction to detect an abandoned object in crowded areas and monitor if an object was missing. For example, if a person left behind a suitcase in a train station, the system could look up a list of persons associated with it by analyzing previous video recordings.

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Forensic Search

Easily search for any suspect history to get information of their full life-time history related to the resultant anytime they want. With this data, an investigator can track the resultant’s movements in chronological order throughout all of the cameras in the system.

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Suspect Identification

Detect and track suspects or criminals accompanied in just a few seconds within a large database. The algorithm provides high accuracy levels even under varying light conditions faces that are partially hidden by sunglasses or face masks, beard, mustache, glasses, or any other face concealing item.

It also identifies all types of persons – age, gender, size and skin color have no negative impact on the performance. Face Signature also has high accuracy reads in matching faces taken few years old images and emotions.

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Suspect Surveillance & Analysis

Monitor and analyze offender movement, behavior and routes. Face Signature has the ability to identify and keep tracking of given suspects/criminals/ blacklist identity, whenever they appear in a camera even in a crowded and uncontrolled environment, a silence alarm is sent to the authorities so they then carry out a manual comparison and approach for identification.

Another ability of Face Signature is to identify circles of interaction between the subject social graphs of someone who has physically met over a period of time making it highly effective for smart investigations.

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Vehicles Tracking

Instantly Detect and track suspicious vehicles accompanied with detection of vehicle stopped and Real time detecting illegally parked vehicles, vehicle current location and License Plate recognition system with access to billions of license plate detections and patented vehicle location analytics to go beyond basic searches and hot list alerts.

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False Identification

As suspects often hide their identity after probation violation gave deputies a false name. With face signature you can take a picture of a Person of Interest and do an immediate Face Recognition to match their face and results in a ‘candidate’ list of the most likely matches with their full information and history.

Biometric Surveillance

Instantly identify wanted criminals which are registered in the facial recognition security/surveillance system from data recorded in the past and can be registered in advance anytime. When such face is detected it will immediately alert the nearest security officers with the criminal information, location and face and also raise an alarm if required.

Face Signature ensures that the dangerous fugitives don’t slip through the cracks and immediately detects if they are seen in public along.

Perimeter protection along the fence line or intrusion detection at the border control (e.g. landline or sea line)

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