Health Signature

Health Signature helps to correctly identify patients and provides them with a personalized experience, our powerful AI eliminate any wrong procedures and wrong-patient errors which can result in severe harm by instantly recognizing the patient and their health status history.

Facial recognition software in healthcare is the right inventory to tackle any possible patient impersonation. If it’s incorporated into a video surveillance system on the hospital premises, it can become an efficient tool to spot flagged or wanted people, drug dealers, and other criminals. By scanning the patient’s face and checking it against the hospital database, the technology helps verify the person’s identity and prevent any fraud like someone impersonating to get expensive medical treatment or drug dealers infiltrating hospitals.

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Health Signature for Healthcare Industry Management System

Health Signatur Smart Hospital Management System is an end-to-end, most complete and multi-functional hospital management system is ideal way to manage complete hospital operation to fight against COVID-19 with the help of “Face Signature” facial recognition technology that can identify people with or without a mask or their existing and future needs, it can be helpful in a number of use cases and recognize vaccinated or without vaccinate people meeting with other and tracking the social interactions between them in the streets or any public or private place in real time, allowing authorities for immediate response and sends immediate notifications upon their appearance in the camera view even if the face is covered by the mask.

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Face Signature Technology for Healthcare Sectors

Our technology suites to almost every hospital or medical institution, government data centers to keep record from patient OPD visits to Operation to Pathology Test etc. It is designed with Face Mask Detection/Recognition technology that linked with Health Care Data Management System to help to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses.

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Time Saving and Paperless Environment

It helps while you walk into a hospital and within seconds a computer recognized your face, linked it to your appointment, and gave you customized directions to your appointment. When you arrived in the hospital, your identity was confirmed simply from your face limiting the paperwork you need to fill out. When you visit with your physician, she/he logs into her/his computer simply by looking at it. When you are in the hospital, remote monitoring of you during your stay is able to use your facial expressions to identify excessive pain and alert the nurse taking care of you.


Face Signature Emotion Detection Technology for Mental Therapy

One of the additional uses of Face Signature facial recognition technology in healthcare industry is real-time emotion tracking. Emotion recognition through facial recognition enables real-time analysis, tagging, and inference of cognitive affective states from human facial expression, speech and tone, body posture and physiological. Facial recognition is evidence-based therapy (EBT) in mental disorders, it can be treated as nearly as good as physical ones. Facial recognition uses for mental health purposes, patients can get personalized, patient-centered, efficient, and timely care. Face Signature advance AI technology is used to track facial landmarks and cues to interpret the patient’s inner feelings and evaluate facial expressions to interpret the emotional status of patients including emotions such as anger, fear, disgust or sadness to aid in providing appropriate assistance.


Digital Health Pass

To reduce the spread of infection rate of COVID-19 and having accurate information about people COVID-19 and other diseases health status, Health Signature ++ has introduce Digital Health Pass which allows health organizations an effective way to help citizens meet their requirements prior to travel or entering a place, it allows health organizations keep track of each and every vaccine and provide details to citizens on where they can get tested and giving them the ability to share their tests and vaccination results in a verifiable, safe and privacy-protecting manner is the key to giving governments the confidence to open borders.

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