Know your customer with Retail Signature

Retail Business Signature enables companies to quickly and seamlessly identify a frequent customer, and ensure that he or she gets personalized service without having to explicitly disclose his or her identity to the shop assistant. A camera at the store captures images of everyone stepping inside, and then sends the data to a remote computer that compares them against a database of known VIP customers. Various measurements of the face are taken and checked against a template. If a match is found, usually within a split second, the sales assistant is alerted.

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Secure Environment with Face Signature

Leave a request for special requirements and our expert in facial biometrics will help you in meeting the needs.

Authorized Access

Face recognition is the most fast and accurate way to instantly validate employee identity to access to the protected areas. Facial recognition access ensures safety that only authorized individuals gain access to the restricted areas and receive logs in real-time..

Unwanted Visitor Alert

Instantly identity specific faces and wanted criminals which are registered in the facial recognition security/surveillance system from data recorded in the past and can be registered in advance anytime to prevent frauds and shoplifting. When such face is detected it will immediately alert the nearest security officers with the culprit information, location and face.

Effective Advertisement

With the customer analytics feature you can analyze and tailor your ads according to your customer’s purchase history, preferences, previous encounter and their age and gender to give you essential information in an accessible manner on whether the ad performs to its full potential. Successful management requires a reliable tool to measure success in attracting visitors and targeting your ads based on socio-demographic information.