Intelligent Logistics and Warehouse Center Solution

Intelligent Logistics & Warehouse Signature empowers customers to track the complete lifecycle of transportation processes with precision, safety and greater control, improved efficiency, including people, vehicles, goods and warehouses. Real-time intelligent scheduling, forecasting and even automated decision-making where you can monitor in complete transparency at all times – from delivery, stock requests, order picking and loading, through to distribution to individual markets.

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Access Control

Face recognition is the most fast and accurate way to instantly validate employee identity to access to the protected areas. Facial recognition access ensures safety that only authorized individuals gain access to the restricted areas and receive logs in real-time. It helps in keeping track of the trajectory of any employee or visitor making any unauthorized entry for security purposes. It helps in avoiding any confusion and in some cases, crimes.

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Prevent Fraud

Warehouse administration staff can spot and recognize potential threats in real time. The system instantly detects notifies the manager or security of the presence of a person in the warehouse or port when they are not there and track for theft. It also helps in tracking the whole trajectory of the people who might have visited the office at the wrong, or unmandated time. The facial recognition system itself analyzes suspicious entries in the offices and notifies the suitable person or the security of the same.

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Vehicle Management

Smart route planning:

Smart intelligent system that helps you automatically find the optimum route, suitable cargo and calculate the estimated time of the trip according to the vehicle capabilities.

Transit time saving:

Smooth and fast checking in of vehicles going in and out. Logistics Signature automatically identify license plate of the vehicle and starts tracking the cargo when it leaves the port and notifies of any inconsistencies.

Driver Match:

Verify Driver's identification with facial recognition and match with the staff database in just to few seconds which ensures that only authorized people drive certain assigned vehicles.

Better fleet management:

Use data to eliminate vehicle idle time, reduce over-speeding and decrease fuel consumption.


Know if your truck has broken-down on a highway and dispatch help.

Automatic Parking

Get faster truck turn-around times by automatic empty parking space detection and guidance .