Face Signature for Financial Institutions

The finance sector still struggles to combat fraudsters. Face Biometric is important to secure banks and ATMs and ensure that all transactions are handled in a secure environment to reduce risk and increase profit.

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Next Generation Payment System, get ready to enter the age of face recognition

Facial recognition technology has changed the world of digital payment. Customers can make purchases without any cash, bank card or smart phone with this advanced innovation. As the Face Signature technology has been stepped up in the rising numbers of sectors, Face recognition technology is growing rapidly in the immediate future to replace conventional digital payments. It is time to bid farewell to pincodes/passwords and get ready to enter the age of face recognition.

Face Signature providing a tool to financial institutions to make easily and effectively authenticate users of their online and mobile banking user to pay without your phone or wallet. Only smile at the register for the camera, verify your ID and then authorize your account for the payment. A returning user used facial-recognition payment to pay in 2 steps within 10 seconds.

Face Signature provide higher security standards than other security tools for payments via biometric identity verification. Like the crimes perpetrated by other forms of payment systems, this is almost hard to break. Another benefit is that the Face Signature technology for facial payment is relatively easy to incorporate into a current payment system. As our technology does not need any touch or machine, it is faster, simpler, and more versatile than mobile payments or fingerprints verification.

Face Signature fast and advance wallet-free technology is largely due to QR-code scanning, people scan the QR code of a shop and pay the amount of the order on their phones. Face Signature Facial recognition technology for financial institutions takes this process a step further — you don’t even need your phone, just your face.

The cashier enters the amount of money for the order, which is then shown on the device screen. A user just needs 10 seconds and two taps to finish the payment:

  • 1. The user taps Pay with Face Recognition on the screen of the device. The device scans the face and recognizes the user.
  • 2. The user then taps Confirm Payment and is done.

Secure ATM Solution

Protect transactions and provide a secure experience in ATM.

  • Detects the visitor face and checks them against the fraudster database and instantly alert the authority.
  • Able to detect if the ATM is moved from its location to prevent from being stolen.
  • Able to detect suspicious activity to vandalized or damaged the ATM.
  • Able detect any object or device being used on the ATM.
  • Able to detect abandoned objects left by the person.
  • Able to detect and immediately notifies the authority of the presence of the blacklisted person.
  • Able to detect suspicious person and criminals across multiple branches.

Smart Security for Banks

  • Face Signature instantly identify People of Interest through face biometric.
  • Prioritize visitor’s queues and improve your service quality.
  • Identify if the coming person has been involved in any suspicious activity at any other location.
  • Detects abandoned objects left by the person.
  • Visitors or employees who might have visited the office or an unauthorized place at the wrong or unmandated time.
  • Detects the visitor's face and checks them against the fraudster database and instantly alert the authority.
  • Trespassing and Tailgating
  • Intrusion detection at night
  • Overcrowding Detection
  • Theft detection

Authorized Access

Facial recognition is the most fast and accurate way to instantly validate employee identity to access to the protected areas. Facial recognition access ensures safety that only authorized individuals gain access to the restricted areas and receive logs in real-time. It helps in keeping track of the trajectory of any employee or visitor making any unauthorized entry for security purposes. It helps in avoiding any confusion and in some cases, crimes.

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Prevent Fraud with Face Signature

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Branch Agent can use customer identification to check their history and make a safe decision on making loans and cut-off the risk.
Facial recognition to use their face to check-in and out of the bank and customers and employees check-in time and out time is recorded.
Verify potential customers and their trustworthiness with smart reliability check from their previous database.
Branch agents are connected with HQ command center 24/7 for instant communication and to monitor agent’s performance.