Smart Election Management System with Face Recognition Technology

Election in country democracy plays an important role where country’s leaders are elected through the polling system. There are various issues and errors in the traditional voting system, for example it consumes lots of man power as well as resources and the preparation have been started many days before the commencement of the election and due to these reasons most of the people misses the chance of casting their votes. During this preparation some people may involve in illegal arrangement with each other or try to replace with their henchmen in this process to win the election. It is a confidential process so it must be transparent, Meddle-Proof, Usable, Authenticated, Accurate, Verifiability and Mobility. The people who are not eligible to vote can also cast their votes by unwanted means, which may cause various problems. There are some drawbacks in conventional voting system such as damage of machines, chances of violence, dummy voting and problem of proper monitoring.

Face Signature facial recognition software is built to analyze images of human faces for the purpose of identifying them in fast and accurate way, capable of identifying a person in a crowd of thousands in a split second.


Safe and Secure Voter’s Verification System

Face Signature Face Detection and Recognition technology make the election process more secure, safe and user friendly, it distinguish face from a large number of stored face data with some real-time variations and gives efficient way identifying or verifying the identity of an individual using their face and helps to reduce potential bias or error in voting process.

Our facial recognition software recognize the eye, nose, mouth, and ears to identify an individual whose picture or footage is already supplied, either by the individual or in a criminal database even when wearing a mask or having beard or anything similar to cover the face.


Traditional Voting System VS Smart Voting System

Traditional voting system has been followed in many countries so people could not poll their vote because it is place oriented and there is region wise distribution, voters need to reach the place of voting. To overcome these problems a new confidential Face Signature Smart Election Management System is introduced which provides security to the election system by detection and recognizing voter’s face who is going to cast his/her vote. In this system the voter’s face is detected, captured and stored in the database then match the captured image or footage with the already stored picture on database to recognize the person. If match occurs then the person is allow to cast their vote once the vote is casted the same person will not be permitted to cast votes this provide security against duplicate vote and fraudulent and make the system more efficient and user friendly.


We have four levels of security in voting process in our Smart Voting System:

1. Verification through unique national id number.

2. Verification through the election id number.

3. And third level is verification through face recognition technology.

4. Verification through fingerprint sensor.

The security level of our system has been highly improved by the use of new method for each voter. The authentication of the user in the system is improved by using face recognition in the application, which will be able to identify whether the user is authenticated user or not.


Voting from Any Location

With the help of our Smart Voting System, user can cast their vote without going to any polling booth; it can save their time and effort. This system can also save money of government which is spent in preparation of election process.

This technology uses fingerprint sensor of the smart phone to cast the vote of the voter. An application must be installed on the voter’s smart phone. This application is used to identify the fingerprint. Smart phone’s fingerprint sensor is linked with the provided application to identify the uniqueness of the original voter. Security provided is medium. This system allows the voter to cast their votes only on the day of Election. The voters are not able to cast the vote other than the day of Election. On the day of voting, voter scans their fingers along the fingerprint sensor of the smart phone. Accuracy depends on fingerprint sensor of the mobile phone. Detection of fraud is one of the core components of this system. It avoids casting of multiple votes by any voter. Smart Voting Systems provides facility to voters so that they are able to vote from any location without any geographical restrictions all over the world which considers mobility, privacy, security, and easiness. Current voting systems provided all over the world have similar problems in each of them.


Smart Mobile App

Face Signature can also be used in smart phones, tablets, or any portable devices through Face Signature Smart Mobile App to identify people during voting process.

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