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Complete security automation

A complete automation in establishing a reliable security system for all type of enterprises and offices. It eliminates the requirements of manual interventions for every step of identification and is especially beneficial for employee’s time tracking. Even with employees, using a swapping ID card may not be enough for tracking their activities.

Employees or visitors with access to someone else’s ID card can enter places even when they’re not meant to be on the premises. A visitor management system with face signature instantly analyzes this anomaly and notifies the proper channels.

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Access Control

Face recognition is the most fast and accurate way to instantly validate employee identity to access to the protected areas. Face Signature facial recognition access ensures safety that only authorized individuals gain access to the restricted areas and receive logs in real-time. It helps in keeping track of the trajectory of any employee or visitor making any unauthorized entry for security purposes. It helps in avoiding any confusion and in some cases, crimes.

Visitor and employee tracking

Tracking the location of any visitor or an employee inside the office building can be challenging, and next to impossible in case of large premises. Many cases require tracking of visitors and employees.

  • Keep track of employee attendance and how much time they are spending on work can be tricky as many hours goes unpaid overtime every week. With the help of Face Signature and it's highly accurate reporting capabilities, people can use their face to check-in and out of their office and their check-in time and out time is recorded which makes payroll more accurate.
  • It's hard to keep track of employees and visitors in big establishments, Face Signature capabilities helps establish an extra layer of security and easily show you where your guests and staff are at all times to monitor if they are not in places they shouldn't be.
  • Even though most of the visitors and employees always check-in using a manual process, they often miss check out. Facial recognition technology can be used to enable check-in using facial recognition to track the movements of visitors and employees and can automatically record their time stamps of entering and exiting the premises. It can also be used to verify attendance later if necessary and keep a record if a visitor or employee is still inside the building and for how long.

Intelligence tools

Face Signature is a highly intelligence tool as well. It can assist the office security staff in managing any suspicious situations by tracing activities inside the building automatically.

With Face Signature, office administration staff can spot and recognize potential threats in real time. It can also help offices in tracking the whole trajectory of the visitors or employees who might have visited the office at the wrong, or unmandated time. Face Signature itself analyzes suspicious entries in the offices and notifies the suitable person or the security of the same.

  • If an employee enters the office room of their manager or owner where they shouldn't be while the concerned person is not present in their office, it may count as a suspicious activity.
  • Track who’s on-site at any given time. This is made even more powerful when you add blacklisting features to avoid unwanted people.
  • The system instantly detects and notifies the manager or the respective person authorized of the place if there is a presence of a person in their office when they are not there. This process helps big companies especially, where keeping employees and visitors' movements under a close eye is important in helping avoid any thefts or mis happenings.
  • The intelligence tool analyzes these kinds of situations promptly and keeps the company/organization up to date.

Increasing staff proficiency of security and productivity

Face Signature provides an automated system, which not only reduces the overall cost incurred in office security but also enhances the productivity of the staff. It can even reduce the regular complications for attendance and automate the whole process of checking in and checking out for the employees, as it can track their facial features at the entry and exit points.

Even for security departments, Face Signature is designed to help in creating a process that makes it easier to smoothly analyze multiple data points at once, further helping the security being accurate, aware, and precise.

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A complete solution for corporate business

Leave a request for special requirements and our expert in facial biometrics will help you in meeting the needs.

Prevent Fraud

Provide higher level of security to replace fingerprint sensors or simple swiping cards that can easily be forged.

Guest Entry

Identify and automatically register guest and assign each unique ID and keep track of their history. Saving effort, reducing costs and improving guest experience.

Improve customer relations

Face Signature automatically match the detected visitor face with the existing database and CRM to authentically provide the detected customer information. You can also check in your visitors for a appointments, and once they’ve checked in, the person they are visiting is notified via email notification or text message.

Blacklisted and Unwanted People

Instantly identity blacklist person and wanted criminals which are registered in the facial recognition security/surveillance system from data recorded in the past and can be registered in advance anytime to prevent frauds and secure privacy. The system Automatically notifies the company of the blacklisted person presence with information, location & face to help the security track their movement for any delinquent activities.